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Farewell to Alex and Ellinor

October 27, 2016

At our barbecue on October 1, 2016, Sally had a few things to say, mainly about Alex and Ellinor, who have completed the long and painful process of selling the water buffalo and will be moving away from the farm:

I was invited to talk about the history of the...


Alex vs. Francis the Bull

February 7, 2013

Nine months after his epic battle with Francis the water buffalo bull, Alex has had a chance to reflect on the experience and has written the following moving account as part of his annual newsletter about the farm. 

     Almost all the time last year we were blessed with the right...


Annual Meeting 2012: The State of the Land Trust

February 7, 2013

Annual Meeting, ROSE: 9 June 2012, Sunnivue Farm: Can the ROSE Land Care Association, which holds and protects Sunnivue Farm, survive in its current form?              

          Sally opened the meeting by welcoming the twenty attendees and the speaker, Melanie Doerksen of Slow Food London. She pointed out... [More]

Swimming Water Buffalo on Youtube

October 13, 2011

I am happy to share this description by Alex of the moment when the water buffalo took possession of their pond: On August 26 we finally opened the fence for our friends to enter the beaches of the newly dug buffy lake. We were quite excited because Ellinor had a... [More]

Alex Talks to the Seekers

April 10, 2011

 The article below is a digest of a talk given by Farmer Alex Nurnberg on October 17, 2010, at a meeting of the London Seekers. It will give you an idea of some of the ideas behind bio-dynamic farming, which is an important force helping the work at Sunnivue Farm.... [More]

Food, Inc.

October 1, 2009

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,     I am delighted to report that Farmer Alex has finally landed a starring role at the movies. We always knew it would happen, right? And now we can say that we knew him when.     Here's what's happening: the London Co-op Store is... [More]

Log-house building at Sunnivue

September 15, 2009

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,     A new and different enterprise is underway at Sunnivue, and those of you who are out at the farm store on Saturdays are invited to pay a visit to it.     Mark Williams, a log house-builder and a long-time friend of the... [More]

Alex and Ellinor cross the country

November 8, 2008

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,

                                The news this week at Sunnivue is that Alex and Ellinor have returned from their cross-country trip. Here in Alex’s own words is an account of the adventure:

After the sale of the cows on September 19, Ellinor and I had to take...


Saying good-by

September 10, 2008

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,            In my last message I explained that the farmers at Sunnivue have decided to change the farm’s direction by selling most of the herd of cows as well as the quota that authorizes the farm to ship milk, thus getting out of the dairy... [More]

A change at the farm

August 16, 2008

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,            Despite their reputation for conservatism and caution, farmers are frequently called upon to respond with daring and ingenuity to new conditions, whether these are changes in the economy and markets, unfavourable climate and weather, social and political changes, or changing personal circumstances.             Recently... [More]

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