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Redeeming Our Soil Economically

The Nurnberg family, Dagmar Seiboth, R.O.S.E. members and many friends have helped Sunnivue toward such important accomplishments as:

  • organic certification; recognition for exemplary cows and farm practices;
  • improved housing for animals and poultry - as well as for people;
  • the Sunnivue Farmstore, where customers from near and far buy organic vegetables, meat, eggs, homemade bread, healthcare items and more;
  • deliveries of produce to area homes and to Covent Garden Market;
  • collaboration with groups such as Lifespin and Camphill Ontario;
  • work/study experiences for elementary and high school students;
  • conferences about organic farming's role in health and education;
  • increased freedom from mortgage and other debts.

Our Goals

Besides building on our achievements, Sunnivue and R.O.S.E. are working toward such goals as:

  • ongoing funding for insurance, property tax and maintenance;
  • improved storage for produce;
  • elimination of current capital debts and funding for a residence to house a second family, apprentices and others;
  • assistance from additional full-time, permanent farmers who will share in developing the farm, from vision and planning stages, to daily labour;
  • restoration and enhancement of personal health and growth in relationship with the earth and each other.

Membership and Donation Form

For making donations to R.O.S.E or become a member please click here to download the R.O.S.E. Membership and Donation Form.

Share Our Vision

  • eat well. Enjoy produce from Sunnivue's Farmstore daily
  • join R.O.S.E.
  • support our Pledge Group. Regular contributions, no matter how small; make a big difference over time - $30 monthly provides $1800 in 60 months. 
  • volunteer with R.O.S.E. and Sunnivue and help create a happier, healthier environment.

Become A Member!

Please click here to download the R.O.S.E. Membership and Donation Form.

Remember that you are welcome to shop at the Farm Store whether or not you are a member of the R.O.S.E. Land Care Association.