For Visitors

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Welcome to Sunnivue Farm! We are happy to have the company of people from all over the world who come to Sunnivue to work, to learn, to enjoy good fellowship, and above all to experience a working bio-dynamic dairy farm and market garden.

The contributions that our visitors make to the farm's work and social mix are a significant and treasured part of Sunnivue. We hope that you will go home with many positive memories of your experience here.

During your stay, we will all be living and working together. This is normally a very enriching and enjoyable experience. It does require thoughtfulness and consideration on everyone's part. To make everything run smoothly, to ensure everyone's safety, and to support the work of the Farm effectively, we have put in place some safety rules, house rules, and work expectations.

Safety Rules

Farm life involves many potential dangers. Machinery and animals must be handled with care and skill.

The farmers are happy to help you learn safe ways to be and work on the Farm. We have our own ways that work for us. They may be different from procedures you have seen elsewhere. We ask you, for everyone's safety and peace of mind, to respect and follow our procedures.

Please do not touch any of the animals until you have learned from one of the farmers the best way to approach each one. Remember that the animals are dependent on us and, like children, need our respect and love.

The Barn is open for visits only during chores.

Please do not approach or handle machinery or tools without consent from one of the farmers.

When in doubt, or if you forget, ASK! Keep asking until you are sure. We understand that there is a lot to learn.

What The Farm Provides

While you are here the farm will provide you with room and board: a place to live in the farm house and all your meals. You may share a room with another visitor, and you will be sharing a bathroom with several people. You will have the use of our washing machine. Occasionally you will be able to borrow a car, if you are licensed to drive. We are also happy to answer questions about the farm and the principles on which it is operated, and to teach you as much as time allows about bio-dynamic farming.

Within reason, you will be able to use the telephone or the fax machine. However we expect that you will use your own phone cards for private calls. If you want to use the internet, you will find workstations at the public library in Ailsa Craig.

Please keep in mind that the use of water, electricity, telephone, and vehicles represents a major expense to the farm. While we are happy to share with you, and appreciate that you too will be working hard for the benefit of the farm, it is important for us all to be careful and moderate in our use. Besides, we all need to be considerate of the needs and wishes of others living at the farm. Everyone needs a fair share of hot water, telephone time and gas.


House Rules

Everyone takes turns with the household chores: preparing meals, setting the table, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom.

Please do not leave your personal possessions in the kitchen, on the porch, or in any other common areas.

Fruits, vegetables, and other foods that have been canned or stored are needed for the whole winter. You will need to ask before using any of them.

What You Will Need

If you are coming from abroad, you need to have your passport, visa, and any other official papers in order before you arrive. You will probably need to have a return ticket in order to be admitted to Canada; please consult a Canadian consulate near you.

Sunnivue Farm experiences extremes of cold in winter, heat in summer, torrential rain storms, and sometimes drought. You need to be prepared with clothes to fit the season. You will also need everyday work clothes that are durable enough to stand up to frequent washing.

In case of emergency: To reach the police, an ambulance, or firefighters, dial 911. State the type of emergency. Give the location of the Farm: 27093 New Ontario Road.

Our mailing address is Sunnivue Farm, RR #1, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, N0M 1A0, Canada.

Our telephone number is 519-232-9096 and our fax number is 519-232-9444.

Please email us at

Work Expectations

For room and board, we expect you to contribute four hours of work each day.

If you would like to learn about farming - about the cows, or gardening, or growing other crops, or working with the machinery - you need to really get involved. This means getting up at 5:00 a. m. to start the working day with us.

Please help us keep everything in good order in the workshop, the kitchen, and anywhere else you work or use equipment. It is important for us all to be able to find the tools and utensils that we need quickly and easily.